Become an EarSeeds Wholesaler Today!

Our mission here at is to share Auriculotherapy with the world and help practitioners use EarSeeds to grow their practice so they can earn more money and help more people. 

Once approved for an EarSeeds wholesale account you'll receive an email with your login information which grants you access to EarSeeds products at great wholesale prices with low per-order minimums. 

In addition, you'll get access to a variety of complimentary digital marketing graphics, free downloadable posters, and practitioner-specific products designed to help you integrate EarSeeds into your clinic and practice easily.

Wholesale Application

Our product assortments were designed with wellness professionals in mind...

It is in the hands of trained practitioners and on the shelves of wellness studios and clinics that EarSeeds really shine. No matter what type of practice you have, or how you want to share EarSeeds with your community, we've got you covered...


Our Practitioner bundle products are the ideal selection for practitioners who service many clients / patients. With less packaging and lower cost per piece, they're also what you'll stock up on for clinic events or promotional opportunities in your community and the surrounding areas. 


Our resellable condition-specific kits are a great complimentary add-on option for clinics with retail space. They're fantastic for self-care between appointments, perfect for gifting to friends and family members, and a valuable revenue generator that will move faster on the shelves of a clinic or wellness center than anywhere else. 

The Importance of Proper Training

When your patients / clients go out into the world wearing EarSeeds you've applied, they are a walking word-of-mouth referral service for your practice or clinic. 

The depth of your knowledge is a testament to your integrity as a wellness practitioner.

It is also an indicator of the results you will be able to obtain with this modality, from both a clinical perspective and a profitability perspective.

To increase your knowledge and gain confidence in charging appropriately for this powerful modality, we strongly recommend our EarSeeds Certification Training Program.