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Get EarSeeds Certifiedā„¢ and improve your treatmentĀ Results!

Our in-depth 13-week training program on ear seeds and auriculotherapy is the only one of its kind. In this video-based online program, you'll learn over 120 ear points, what they're used for and how to identify a variety of conditions just by LOOKING at the ear! You do not need to be a practitioner to take this course, however, it is a wonderful compliment to many practices you may already be using. Ā 

Approved for CEUs for acupuncturists and massage therapists.


Ear Seeds: The Proof!

The ear seeds research class you've been waiting for is here! Learn the step by step protocol for over a dozen research studies! For health professionals, you will be able to immediately turn around and offer these treatments to your existing clients and also attract new clients so you can build your practice! Get the exact protocols and the 'know how' to treat others with ear seeds, BACKED by research!

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Our Best-Selling 2-Hour Intensive

Want to learn a HUGE amount of information FAST? This is the place to be. This Rapid-fire LIVE class (previously recorded) will teach you exactly where to seed for 33 Different Conditions.

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Ear Seeds Training Workshops

Dive deep into a specific subject and learn how EarSeeds can help! Classes are between 1-3 hours and video-based, available as soon as you sign up!

Four Class Bundle!
Save Over 25%

With Elie Goldschmidt


Treating PTSD with Ear Seeds & Auriculotherapy

With Elie Goldschmidt


Ear Seeds for Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

With Elie Goldschmidt


Auricular Aphrodisiacs

With Elie & Tova Goldschmidt and bonus
guest speakers


Aromatherapy & Auricular Acupressure Ear Seed

With East Haradin-Phillips


Facial Rejuvenation and
Auricular Acupressure Ear
Seed Treatments

With East Haradin-Phillips


Balance Your Cycle &
Improve Your Fertility with EarSeeds

With Heidi Brockmeyer


Natural Self-Care for
New Mamas with Ear Seeds

With Deb Davies


EarSeeds Marketing Class

Are you an EarSeeds practitioner struggling to generate the type of traffic you know you can have? Do you feel like you don't have the knowledge or skills to convert curious people to paying, consistent clients? This class is for you!

With Alyssa Dazet & Elie Goldschmidt

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"I am having great results with the people I have been practicing on... one client is making huge strides with PTSD. I have been working with her for several years but this has taken us leaps and bounds beyond the work I have been doing. Thank you Elie and Tova for your passion and for sharing it with others so we can be successful as well!"

Jude Richter

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EarSeeds.com is the premier maker of ear acupressure products. From Traditional Vaccaria seeds in Condition-Specific Kits to Luxury 24K Gold and Swarovski Crystal Embellished designs, we've got the tools- and accessories- to make your Ear Seeding experience unrivaled.


About our Founder

Elie Goldschmidt, L.Ac. is the founder and lead instructor at The EarSeeds Academy. Elie has extensive Auriculotherapy training and has learned under the instruction of Dr. Lichun Huang, known as the Mother of Auriculotherapy, as well as Dr. Raphael Nogier the son of Dr. Paul Nogier, who is considered the Father of Auriculotherapy. 

Elie's talent as an instructor lies in his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand and enjoyable to learn. His passion for this topic shines through and deeply inspires his students.

Elie received his Acupuncture License in 1997 from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. After nearly two decades working with patients, he and his product designer wife, Tova, launched EarSeeds.com with the mission of sharing the depth and beauty of this modality with people around the world. 

We believe that through engaging, accessible, and comprehensive training, we can empower healers of all kinds to feel confident and capable of deeply helping others with Ear Seeds.