Ear Seeds: The Proof!

Learn the research and the protocols from over a dozen studies.

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Ear Seeds: The Proof!

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Includes six months access plus downloadable resources. 


Ear Seeds for Hip Fracture

Learn the 3 point protocol to help the elderly with hip fractures.

Quick pain relief

Reduces anxiety

Backed by research

Ear Seeds for Painful Menstruation

The history of using the ear to treat women's health conditions date back thousands of years.  

This research study will give you the understanding and the ability to help the millions of females who suffer with menstrual cramps every month!

Ear Seeds for IVF


Improve the outcome of IVF with ear seeds!

Learn the auricular points and treatment protocol used in this randomized, controlled and blinded research study that not only reduced anxiety levels but improved the number of live births significantly!

Ear Seeds for Constipation


This randomized, placebo controlled research study, will evaluate the use of ear seeds in alleviating constipation in the elderly.


Ear Seeds for Diabetics with Kidney Failure


This research study will show you how ear seeds can help improve mental and physical functions, and overall improve the quality of life of diabetics suffering with kidney failure.


Ear Seeds for Knee Pain


A double-blinded experimental design with a sham control group in those with osteoarthritis of the knee.


Ear Seeds for High Blood Pressure


With thousands of participants, this collection of research studies weighed the effectiveness of auriculotherapy as a stand alone treatment for hypertension and as an adjunct along with anti-hypertensive drugs.

Learn how to create an auricular treatment protocol.

Ear Seeds for Dry Eyes


Dry eye syndrome is a common worldwide issue and can interfere with your daily activities. 

With just a few auricular points, backed by research, you can help to alleviate the symptoms of dry eyes in millions of people.

Ear Seeds for Weight Loss



This randomized placebo controlled research study used a five point ear seed treatment protocol over a period of two months. 

60% of adults are considered overweight or obese.

Ear Seeds for Anxiety


In this class we take you along two different research studies using ear seeds for two different types of settings for anxiety.

Can auriculotherapy lower cortisol levels? Don't miss this class to find out!

Ear Seeds for Lactation


10-15% of breastfeeding parents have low milk supply. Ear seeds went up against routine hospital care in this research study that included over 100 women.  

Ear Seeds for Nail Biting


 This six month research study included over 80 children to find out if ear seeds can help kids suffering from anxiety induced nail biting.

Learn the points and protocol to help more kids facing this issue.

Ear Seeds for Irritable Bowel Syndrome


This several week study showed how ear seeds can reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

This class will also explain how you can add other points creating an even more powerful auriculotherapy treatment for IBS symptoms of abdominal cramping and bowel irregularities.

Ear Seeds for Pain


This research study shows how effective ear seeds are for the treatment of pain conditions as well as revealing the importance of using the corresponding auricular point.

About the Instructor


Elie Goldschmidt is a licensed acupuncturist. He earned his Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1997 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA where he first started learning about ear seeds and auriculotherapy. He became board certified in acupuncture and in Chinese herbal medicine and afterwards went to China for an apprenticeship. Elie continued his studies on auriculotherapy studying under Dr. Li-Chun Huang who is considered the “Mother of Auricular Medicine” and also learned with Dr. Raphael Nogier who is the son of Dr. Paul Nogier who is known as the “Father of auriculotherapy”. 

In 2014, Elie along with his wife Tova, launched EarSeeds.com where they create ear seed products and education that is shared with thousands of holistic practitioners with all backgrounds all over the world.

Ear Seeds: The Proof!

$197   Today's Special

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Includes six months access plus downloadable resources. 

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